56610054200 Oil Sight Glass Set

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  • 56610054200
Becker Original Oil Sight Glass Kit 56610054200 This set includes the oil sight glass,... more
Product information "56610054200 Oil Sight Glass Set"

Becker Original Oil Sight Glass Kit 56610054200
This set includes the oil sight glass, the oil drain screw, the oil filler cap and all gaskets needed when those parts are replaced.

Suitable for:
U5.70 - U5.300

Suitable for: U5.70 - U5.300
Type of set: Oil Sight Glass Set
Content: oil drain plug(s), oil filling plug, oil sight glass, sticker
U 5.100 U 5.100
Order number: U5.100
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U 5.100 (Index A) U 5.100 (Index A)
Order number: U5.100-A
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U 5.100 (Index B) U 5.100 (Index B)
Order number: U5.100-B
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U 5.100 (Index C) U 5.100 (Index C)
Order number: U5.100-C
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U 5.100 (Index D) U 5.100 (Index D)
Order number: U5.100-D
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U 5.101 U 5.101
Order number: U5.101
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U 5.165 U 5.165
Order number: U5.165
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U 5.165 (Index A) U 5.165 (Index A)
Order number: U5.165-A
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U 5.200 U 5.200
Order number: U5.200
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U 5.200 (Index A) U 5.200 (Index A)
Order number: U5.200-A
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U 5.200 (Index B) U 5.200 (Index B)
Order number: U5.200-B
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U 5.300 U 5.300
Order number: U5.300
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U 5.300 (Index A) U 5.300 (Index A)
Order number: U5.300-A
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U 5.70 U 5.70
Order number: U5.70
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U 5.70 (Index A) U 5.70 (Index A)
Order number: U5.70-A
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U 5.70 (Index B) U 5.70 (Index B)
Order number: U5.70-B
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U 5.70 (Index C) U 5.70 (Index C)
Order number: U5.70-C
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U 5.70 (Index D) U 5.70 (Index D)
Order number: U5.70-D
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U 5.70/0-60 U 5.70/0-60
Order number: U5.700-60
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U 5.70/0-60 (Index A) U 5.70/0-60 (Index A)
Order number: U5.700-60-A
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U 5.70/0-60 (Index B) U 5.70/0-60 (Index B)
Order number: U5.700-60-B
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U 5.71 U 5.71
Order number: U5.71
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