73600299624 Vacuum Regulating Valves

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Becker Original Vacuum Regulating Valve 73600299624 Pressure & vacuum valves regulate... more
Product information "73600299624 Vacuum Regulating Valves"

Becker Original Vacuum Regulating Valve 73600299624
Pressure & vacuum valves regulate the operating pressure within a determined range. This valve is used within the pressure / vacuum range of 0 ... -0.3 bar. The connection size is: 1 1/4".

Connection size 1: 1 1/4"
ST-number: ST624-0-3
Type of valve: Vacuum Regulating Valve
Pressure-/ Vacuumrange [bar]: 0 ... -0.3
DVT 3.100 DVT 3.100
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DVT 3.100 (Index A) DVT 3.100 (Index A)
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