53750026200 Vacuum Safety Valves

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Becker Original Vacuum Safety Valve 53750026200 Vacuum safety valves protect the... more
Product information "53750026200 Vacuum Safety Valves"

Becker Original Vacuum Safety Valve 53750026200
Vacuum safety valves protect the device against overstress by letting in additional air as soon as a determined value is reached.

ST-number: U4.100-0-172
Type of valve: Vacuum Safety Valve
U 4.100 F/K (Index G) U 4.100 F/K (Index G)
Order number: U4.100FK-G
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U 4.100 F/K (Index H) U 4.100 F/K (Index H)
Order number: U4.100FK-H
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U 4.100 F/K (Index I) U 4.100 F/K (Index I)
Order number: U4.100FK-I
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U 4.20 (Index A) U 4.20 (Index A)
Order number: U4.20-A
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U 4.20 (Index B) U 4.20 (Index B)
Order number: U4.20-B
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U 4.20 (Index C) U 4.20 (Index C)
Order number: U4.20-C
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U 4.20/0-09 (Index A) U 4.20/0-09 (Index A)
Order number: U4.200-09-A
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U 4.20/0-53 (Index A) U 4.20/0-53 (Index A)
Order number: U4.200-53-A
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U 4.20/0-55 (Index A) U 4.20/0-55 (Index A)
Order number: U4.200-55-A
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U 4.20/09 (Index B) U 4.20/09 (Index B)
Order number: U4.2009-B
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U 4.20/09 (Index C) U 4.20/09 (Index C)
Order number: U4.2009-C
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U 4.20/53 (Index B) U 4.20/53 (Index B)
Order number: U4.2053-B
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U 4.20/53 (Index C) U 4.20/53 (Index C)
Order number: U4.2053-C
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U 4.20/53.1 (Index B) U 4.20/53.1 (Index B)
Order number: U4.2053.1-B
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U 4.20/53.1 (Index C) U 4.20/53.1 (Index C)
Order number: U4.2053.1-C
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U 4.20/55 (Index B) U 4.20/55 (Index B)
Order number: U4.2055-B
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U 4.20/55 (Index C) U 4.20/55 (Index C)
Order number: U4.2055-C
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U 4.20/59 (Index B) U 4.20/59 (Index B)
Order number: U4.2059-B
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U 4.20/59 (Index C) U 4.20/59 (Index C)
Order number: U4.2059-C
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U 4.40 (Index A) U 4.40 (Index A)
Order number: U4.40-A
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U 4.40 (Index B) U 4.40 (Index B)
Order number: U4.40-B
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U 4.40 (Index C) U 4.40 (Index C)
Order number: U4.40-C
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U 4.40/0-25 (Index A) U 4.40/0-25 (Index A)
Order number: U4.400-25-A
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U 4.40/0-56 (Index A) U 4.40/0-56 (Index A)
Order number: U4.400-56-A
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U 4.40/09 (Index A) U 4.40/09 (Index A)
Order number: U4.4009-A
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U 4.40/09 (Index B) U 4.40/09 (Index B)
Order number: U4.4009-B
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U 4.40/09 (Index C) U 4.40/09 (Index C)
Order number: U4.4009-C
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U 4.70 F/K (Index G) U 4.70 F/K (Index G)
Order number: U4.70FK-G
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U 4.70 F/K (Index H) U 4.70 F/K (Index H)
Order number: U4.70FK-H
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U 4.70 F/K (Index I) U 4.70 F/K (Index I)
Order number: U4.70FK-I
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