90133000007 Carbon Vanes Set

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Becker Original Set of Vanes 90133000007 This set includes 7 vanes, which are made of... more
Product information "90133000007 Carbon Vanes Set"

Becker Original Set of Vanes 90133000007
This set includes 7 vanes, which are made of carbon.

Designated use: Carbon vanes are used for dry-running vacuum pumps and compressors. They are subject to wear and need to be replaced according to the operation manual.

Number of vanes / set: 7
WN number: WN124-034
Vane material: carbon
DVT 3.60 (Index D) DVT 3.60 (Index D)
Order number: DVT3.60-D
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DVT 3.60 (Index E) DVT 3.60 (Index E)
Order number: DVT3.60-E
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DVT 3.60 (Index V) DVT 3.60 (Index V)
Order number: DVT3.60-V
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DVT 3.60 (Index W) DVT 3.60 (Index W)
Order number: DVT3.60-W
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DVT 3.80 (Index C) DVT 3.80 (Index C)
Order number: DVT3.80-C
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DVT 3.80 (Index E) DVT 3.80 (Index E)
Order number: DVT3.80-E
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DVT 3.80 (Index F) DVT 3.80 (Index F)
Order number: DVT3.80-F
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DVT 3.80 (Index U) DVT 3.80 (Index U)
Order number: DVT3.80-U
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DVT 3.80 (Index V) DVT 3.80 (Index V)
Order number: DVT3.80-V
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DVT 3.80 (Index X) DVT 3.80 (Index X)
Order number: DVT3.80-X
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DVT 3.80/0-43 (Index C) DVT 3.80/0-43 (Index C)
Order number: DVT3.800-43-C
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DVT 3.80/0-43 (Index X) DVT 3.80/0-43 (Index X)
Order number: DVT3.800-43-X
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DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index C) DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index C)
Order number: DVT3.800-56-C
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DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index E) DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index E)
Order number: DVT3.800-56-E
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DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index F) DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index F)
Order number: DVT3.800-56-F
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DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index U) DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index U)
Order number: DVT3.800-56-U
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DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index V) DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index V)
Order number: DVT3.800-56-V
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DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index X) DVT 3.80/0-56 (Index X)
Order number: DVT3.800-56-X
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DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index C) DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index C)
Order number: DVT3.800-68-C
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DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index E) DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index E)
Order number: DVT3.800-68-E
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DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index F) DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index F)
Order number: DVT3.800-68-F
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DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index U) DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index U)
Order number: DVT3.800-68-U
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DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index V) DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index V)
Order number: DVT3.800-68-V
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DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index X) DVT 3.80/0-68 (Index X)
Order number: DVT3.800-68-X
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DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index C) DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index C)
Order number: DVT3.800-74-C
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DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index E) DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index E)
Order number: DVT3.800-74-E
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DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index F) DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index F)
Order number: DVT3.800-74-F
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DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index U) DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index U)
Order number: DVT3.800-74-U
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DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index V) DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index V)
Order number: DVT3.800-74-V
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DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index X) DVT 3.80/0-74 (Index X)
Order number: DVT3.800-74-X
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KDT 3.80/6-87 (Index D) KDT 3.80/6-87 (Index D)
Order number: KDT3.806-87-D
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