I have registered, but I still haven’t received my login information?

It can take up to one working day. If you haven’t received an automatic E-Mail reply to confirm the receipt of your registration, or you have received a confirmation E-mail but not heard from us for more than 2 working days, please contact us.

I have forgotten my password.

You can reset your password by clicking „Forgot your password?” link above the login button.

How can I return the goods I have received?

If you detect damage on the parcel at the time of delivery, please refuse to accept it and show the deliverer the damage.

If you find out that the product is wrong, damaged, or otherwise after unpacking, please inform us via shop@becker.co.uk as soon as possible. 

How can I find the right parts for my pump?

1. From pump type:
Enter the name of the pump (pump type) in the search field.  Select the pump from the list.  Click on "Details" to see the list of suitable parts, along with an explosion drawing.


2. From spare part category:
Select the type of spare part you are looking for listed on the menu bar on top (e.g. Vanes). Narrow down your search by clicking the "Filter" button and setting different criteria.

Where can I find the pump type / serial number?

Please note that every pump has two name/type tags: One motor name tag, and one pump type tag. The latter pump type tag has the Becker-logo and provides key information about your pump.  (e.g. Year built, Serial number, Pump type, Frequency etc.)

Depends on the model of the pump, the pump type tag is attached at different locations, however, in most cases it is to be found on the operater side of the pump.

Otherwise, you may find the pump type tag for example, at the front end or in case of our side channel blowers, on the silencer. 


With which parcel service do you ship?

We send all parcels ordered through the Online-shop by TNT (DHL for Ireland).

How can I order new pumps?

Please contact our sales team via sales@becker.co.uk or call us on 01482 835 280. We are happy to assist you! 

I can’t find the spare parts I need for my pump.

Please try to search for your pump type and its explosion drawing (please see “How can I find the right parts for my pump?”)

If your pump type or the spare part you are looking for is not listed online, please contact us via sales@becker.co.uk, or call us on 01482 835 280. We are happy to help you.

My address has changed. 

You can manage your address in “My account” page after you login.

Can I order as a private person?

Our Online-shop is only for commercial customers with a company name and VAT number. As a private individual, please contact us by E-mail or by Phone.

You couldn’t find the answer to your question? Please feel free to contact us via chat, phone or email.